Friday, January 27, 2012

Discussion: Republican Racism

Are Republican politicians as racist as they appear to be, or are they just courting the bigot vote out of desperation?


  1. Standard boilerplate: we all form these post-hoc stereotypes of people blah blah blah. What I think I find often in a lot of Republicans is that they really honestly don't want to look racist. They don't usually want to think they're racists either. They think racism is bad (for the most part). What I think they are is not self-critical enough to root out natural racism...or they aren't critical enough so that racism festers in corners of the culture. What scares me is not that they're racists and they know it, it's that they don't know it.

    1. Instead of deleting/reposting to actually answer the question of the discussion, I'll add that I don't know if it even takes being cynical about republicans and racism to take advantage of it. There's this real movement of "I'm not racist because I don't think racist things while I make these decisions!" or "I'm not racist because I hate black people, I just hate ." That said, I'm sure there are cynical operators who know what they are doing.


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