Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anti-Atheist Week

While I don’t mind calling myself an atheist, sometimes certain atheists make me question the future of humanity. They constitute such a slim minority, but wow… those few never shut the fuck up. I won’t name names, because they don’t deserve a mention (but I thank you all for the links on your blogs, and for some reason, those you left on the blogs of others…), but suffice to say that certain atheists take a hardline, angry stance that is inclined towards being contrary to anything they perceive to not ring viciously enough for their liking.

I can relate to this most of time, but there are 52 weeks a year, and one of them I plan to spend criticizing atheists and atheism. That’s about 2% theist, and I think that should fall within the acceptable margin of error.

So, I declare this Sunday at noon, Eastern time, the official start of Anti-Atheist Week 2012. How many times in a lifetime – nay, an era – can you expect to witness what will likely be the first annual and last ever event of this magnitude?


  1. Wait, you didn't tell us the guidelines for this Anti-Atheist Festival.
    I have several peeves against some types of Atheists. Here is one:
    (1) They don't realize that by very weak definitions, they have an abstract god of sorts. So instead of fighting about God, at times, why not confess to one and then compare your gods. Here is a diagram to help.

  2. I figured I would wing it as the week goes on rather than plan it all out ahead of time. I am taking suggestions, though.

  3. What a great idea Bret. I'm on the same mindset as you, some atheists are just far too simplistic. For example those who are huge fans of people like thunderf00t and Christopher Hitchens tend to view the world in a binary fashion. Anything religious is evil and atheism is the saviour of the world. Bullshit I say, and I refuse to give the time of day to anyone who thinks or speaks in such black and white terms.

    I actually used to run a post series that I called Friday Fundies, where I would find something written by a fundie and make fun of it. One week I picked an atheist to make fun of, I think his blogger handle was Human Ape and he ran a blog called 'Darwin Killed God'. Most of what he wrote was an angry tirade against religion, and everything was as I described before, purely black and white. I prefer to take a more nuanced stance on things these days.

    Sorry for the long comment, peace

  4. Happy Atheist Week! March 18-24 2012!


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