Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today Has Been Weird

Today has been a weird animal day. First, on my way to get breakfast this morning, I saw a dog hit by a car. It ran into the road and got hit right in the head, then it spun like a top. I turned around as fast as I could and went back to look for it, and I found it dead on the side of the road. It had a collar with tags.

She was a charcoal pit bull with a white belly. Her name was Pepper, and I waited by her body until the owner came. He lifted her body up, kissed her, and put her in the front seat of his truck. We both started crying. I’m crying again, remembering it.

So that was a depressing way to start my day.

Then, less dramatically, my dogs cornered a feral cat in our backyard. This isn’t too uncommon. The cat got away unscathed, as usual, but my coonhound, Max (not the one pictured in my avatar), got scratched on the muzzle a few times. He just needed a wiping down with a wet paper towel and he was ready to go again, though. He’s had the cat holed up under our shed since then.

Today has been a rough day to be a dog, I guess.

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