Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Cat Power

In honor of Anti-Atheist Week 2012, I decided to bring back Music Monday… except I didn’t think to do it until Tuesday. So, since science has failed to invent a time machine (always letting me down…), I had to alliterate it another way, and thus was born: Tuesday Tunes. Still as ripped off as Music Monday, but with totally tubular technique. Tah, tah, tah… anyone else hear that?

I have been listening to overtly religious music that I enjoy these past couple days, and since my internet was out most of yesterday afternoon, I was stuck with mostly just Cat Power and Queen. I decided to go with Chan Marshall here, since Freddie Mercury always gets a lot of love (and based on his cause of death, maybe too much… come on, it’s my week off from atheism, crack a smile at a gay/AIDS joke).

I usually post four songs, but I figured, since it’s Anti-Atheist Week [2012], why not a holy trinity?

The first is a classic spiritual written and originally performed by Jessie Mae Hemphill. The next two were songs Chan originally recorded while in the middle of a spiritual vision (and the very last one has a bonus cover at the end…).


  1. First you steal Music Monday, now you rip off my "Tuneful Tuesday" posts? What's next, your own "amateur comic strip" based on SE's "Two Duds"?

  2. If I start posting stuff by Gerald Celente, people will think we're actually the same person.

  3. people will think we're actually the same person.

    Aren't we? The great thing is, no one will believe it. That's how clever I (we) am (are).


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