Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fresh New Look, Same Stale Content

Here are some quick explanations of the changes:

First off, I went with black text on white background. This was a no brainer.

Second, I got rid of the Hit/Miss/Foul post rating system. I think this caused more lag than it gave me constructive analysis of my posts (way too many positive responses, as I sense people were more likely to say they liked it, or not select anything if they didn’t like it). My only hope is that more people who would have selected “Miss” or “Foul” will leave a mean comment explaining why.

Third, I changed the color scheme. This decision was merely on a whim, and I just might change it back to some shade of teal.

Hopefully the conversion went well. If anything looks really off in your browser, let me know. Comments, suggestions and complaints on the new look are very much welcomed.


  1. Looks good. I notice that you also changed the title from "Anything But Atheist" to "Anything But Theist." That seems like a step in the right direction too.

  2. Well, it's been a week, so I can revert back to being an ass to believers slightly more than non-believers.

  3. Looks terrible compared to the old, but what do i know? (lowercase i on purpose). It's typical of you, though; style over substance.

    By the way, now that I've insulted you, hows about a discussion on changing the look of SE (black text on white is a good idea, for starters).

  4. Two directions to go: simple or more complex. I went simple here, but if you want to go complex, we need a background image (if you want me to look, tell me the color you would go with; I'm kind of partial to red to compliment black and white, but we can stick with blue to maintain continuity). For simple... we just simplify everything.

    If you want a reworking of the banner, let me know if you have any notes, otherwise I will just play jazz with it. If you have a font in mind or want to change/remove the tagline, let me know. I will almost certainly be making the tagline one font this time. We could also keep the title the same; sometimes having one familiar thing makes it easier to change. Then in July we can totally fuck with it.

  5. Thanks Bret (you know I really love you). We can try blue first, then maybe see how red would look (maybe it's time for a major change to the look).

    I'll be in touch by email and such.

  6. Black text on a white background really does make it a lot easier to read.

  7. I decided it was more important that people who enjoy my blog be able to read it easily than for people who hate it to get a headache from reading it.


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