Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten: Dumb Things Atheists Do

10. Pretend Mao and Stalin were not atheists
9. Claim religious people are stupid
8. Believe in some other ridiculous thing, like ghosts, big foot, or conservatism
7. Assume every atheist they disagree with is “clearly a troll”
6. Get angry about a Christian who posts a Bible verse on Facebook
5. Post everything related to atheism or religion-bashing they can find on Facebook
4. Obsess about Christianity, and only Christianity
3. Defend non-Christian religions
2. Fill their home with Far Eastern religious iconography
1. Act like, as an atheist, everything one says and thinks must be logical


  1. Pretty good list. I'd probably have put in things like 'redefining the words agnostic and atheist to make themselves feel more comfortable'. That one seems to annoy me more than anything these days.

  2. There is a strange anger towards agnosticism from some atheists... those poor agnostics, they are damned by religion and criticized by atheists. You try to stay neutral, and you end up taking it from both sides.

    I'm on board with the folks who see that most intelligent atheists are also agnostics.

    1. enough with this stupid angostic mumbo jumbo EITHER YOU BELIEVE IN GOD OR NOT.. THERE IS NO NEUTRAL

  3. There was some argument between some 'youtube atheists' on that issue recently. If I recall correctly it was between ZOMGitsCriss and BionicDance. It actually got me thinking.

  4. YouTube comments got you thinking? That must be a bona fide miracle.

  5. Oh nah it wasn't the comments it was videos

  6. Agnostic atheism is the only honest form of atheism.

  7. This is stupid. I'm an atheist and I do none of these things.
    Except thinking believers are stupid. Some (like you) are very stupid.


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