Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pithy News 5/1/12

After the recent sex scandal, there are strong calls for a change in practices - including the hiring of more women - within the Secret Service. Others are suggesting that they change their name to the Seriously, You Can’t to Tell Anyone Service.

Rupert Murdoch was deemed “unfit” to run News Corp by a British panel of lawmakers. The conservatives on the panel rejected the outcome, siding with the Murdoch interpretation of “corporate responsibility” as him being responsible for a company’s profits, but not for its crimes.

Newt Gingrich officially dropped out of the race, leaving Mitt Romney has the clear winner in the Republican primary. For those keeping score at home, Mitt Romney won the nomination with a final bid of $78 million, which he described as “a steal” and “chump change.”

Five anarchists have been arrested, and three of them charged, with attempting to blow up a bridge in Cleveland. Now, I know some anarchists, so I feel I have the duty of pointing out that this is not representative of all anarchists, as most are actually capable of really hurting people.

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