Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stump a Christian #20

How is government recognizing gay marriage a sin? Who goes to hell for it: the legislators, the executive, the judicial, or the voters?


  1. They'll probably have to freshen hell up with a bit of bling, so it won't really matter who ends up there. At least it will be warm and attractive!

  2. All of least until they're "saved."

  3. I'm wondering what prompted this question? Is there a right-wing group protesting the legislators for granting same-sex marriage rights?

    Change the heart and the actions will follow.

    1. In the US, sane people have been fighting to end discrimination of homosexuals since the 60s. So far, only a couple states allow gay marriage and we have a federal amendment that permits any state to not recognize marriages between homosexuals from another state (so they can't move or come from another state to get married). It's also legal to fire or discriminate against people for being gay, and the Republican party especially makes it their stated policy to discriminate against gay people (Mitt Romney recently just fired a newly hired aide who is at the top of his field in conservative foreign policy, all because a Christian minister publicly opposed the decision of appointing a gay person to work on his staff).

      Lot of haters here in the States.

    2. So your post isn't really fair. It should read, how to stump American Christians.

    3. I think it's a similar situation in non-Canadian, non-European nations. I know it's also a big problem in Africa (some Christian countries in Africa actually execute homosexuals).


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