Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Reflection #80

Getting a tattoo used to mean you were tough or a rebel. Now it means you want to read me some poetry about injustice to whales or that you drank a lot in college.


  1. ~scuffles feet awkwardly~ The latter.

    But now that you mention it ...

    O Leviathan!

    Your blowhole has six-pack ring jammed in it.
    You blurble, choke, and sputter
    As you attempt to outrun the Japanese whaling vessel.

    A majestic fin, flipper thingy, whatever you've got
    Carves the sea.
    Yet it is too late.
    The harpoon pierces your blubber.

    Your lifeblood spreads like clouds through the murky deep --
    Sharks pick up the scent.

    Man did this to you, you magnificent beast.

    We form a drumcircle and sing your laments.
    As whales ...


  2. Today,I have officially been on the planet 47 years. Why start getting tatted up now?

    That whale poem is kind of disturbing. How about we replace it with a really kick ass one ?


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