Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stump a Christian #19

Who is Asherah?


  1. I most often think of an Asherah pole as an idol of some sort, made of wood and placed beside or near an altar; particularly in Canaan.

    The Israelites were not to worship at an altar with an asherah pole but instead cut them up and burn them.

    1. Do you know why they were worshipping Asherah in the first place?

    2. I could be totally off but I think Ashteroth was a goddess of fertility

    3. Ha! Well with gods and goddesses, that's always a good bet. Touche on that one.

      Actually, she was Yahweh's consort, before monotheism took hold in Judea.

    4. I've never heard that one, but all sorts of theories abound.

    5. There are inscriptions linking both Yahweh and El (each the head of their pantheon) with Asherah.

      In any case, it's pretty clear those writing the Bible did not look kindly on this by the time Judaism was thoroughly monotheistic rather than just henotheistic.


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