Thursday, May 3, 2012

Republican Nazi Shoots Baby, 3 Others, and Himself

With the opportunity for a title like that, how could I not cover this story?

Once again, another hate-mongering right-wing gun nut has gone on a killing rampage, except this one is kind of different. J.T. Ready was a Minuteman vigilante who patrolled the US-Mexico border in his spare time. He also founded a group called the US Border Guard, which had the same aim. He advocated for the installation of a minefield along the border.

But the kicker, for me, is his confirmed membership as a neo-Nazi and his status as an active Republican public figure. Ready was not only a typical Republican racist, he became the Republican precinct committeeman in Legislative District 18 in 2008 and he was running for Pinal County sheriff.

The victims were all semi-related to Ready. He had become romantically involved with the oldest victim, who was the mother of another victim, Amber, and the grandmother of the youngest killed, a 16 month old baby girl named Lilly. Amber’s boyfriend, Jim, was also killed. Ready was not related by blood to any of the victims.

A friend of Amber said Ready had moved in with the family and that he was “cruel and controlling.” Amber moved out a few months later as a result. Ready also criticized Amber’s baby, Lilly, for being half Hispanic, describing her as “fifty percent ugly.”

Sometimes, it just hurts to write something, but I do it because if we pretend these sorts of things don’t happen… well… you become a Republican, I guess.

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