Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes: No Internet

I just got internet again for the first time since a storm knocked it out on Wednesday night.

Honestly, I didn’t miss it.

I’m also a bit perplexed by the fact that I came back to three new followers, more new followers than I ever got in a three day period while writing. Hmm… I guess the only thing holding me back from being a popular blogger is all my pesky posting.

What did I do with myself? I mostly watched our two dogs fight, and cleaned up the poop of our new dog, Max. Max is not totally house trained yet, and the same morning (Thursday) I woke up to see the cable was still out, he left a turd in the hallway that was the size of a human’s… after Thanksgiving. The cable had been knocked out the night before right in the middle of me watching the movie, “Big Fan.” I also found carpenter ants in the sun room that morning.

Thursday didn’t start out so great. I got the earliest appointment to have someone come fix the cable for Saturday. I was a little pissed off, but what are you gonna do?

I went to a grocery store called Earth Fare that I would compare to Trader Joe’s, in that you can find a lot of interesting things, but not a lot of stuff I had heard of before I went in.

The big winner out of that excursion was a natural soda called Blue Sky which uses real sugar. Their Cherry Vanilla Cream tastes like Barq’s red cream soda, only better (like a maraschino cherry cola, for those unfamiliar with the rare Barq’s drink, which I can usually only find at White Castle). Tonight I think we’re going to make feta, hazelnut, butternut squash raviolis. Wait, this isn’t a food blog… [yet]

There was more dog walking, and I played some Civilization IV, where I was the Vikings every time (I made Odin proud).

I read from 5000 BC to 1000 BC in “The Timetables of History,” by Bernard Grunn, with special emphasis on the religious notes. Who does this Marduk guy think he is, am I right? And don’t even get me started on Osiris. He’s been sucking at his mother’s teat since he came on the divine scene.

More dog walking, lots more picking up poop with plastic bags.

Also during this time, my wife and I were waiting for Sears to call us and let us know when a lawnmower we ordered could be picked up. They literally called just after the cable guy left, while I was writing this, but I can finish and post this because my wife has to shower before we go out.

The cable guy was really nice. Apparently our cables were just old and damaged. He replaced all the cable from the pole to our house, and he’s sending someone out in a couple days to bury it. If I try out that new lawn mower, I gotta remember to mind the wires.

So here I am, with internet and TV again. I can finally see what’s going on with the world over these past few days.

Let’s see… they want to build a mosque in New York? The nerve of these Muslims! Don’t they know this country was founded on intolerance and the belief that only one religion is right?

Come to think of it, Muslims will fit right in…


  1. Hmm… I guess the only thing holding me back from being a popular blogger is all my pesky posting.

    I think you've discovered the secret! Stop posting for a month or two and you'll have more followers than Skeptical Eye.

  2. You must live in my neck of the woods. I was at Earth Fare today. :-D

  3. ..and I was at Trader Joe's. I love Trader Joe. Earth Fare? Sounds like a hippie "green" festival, not a store.

  4. Food blog! Food blog! Food blog!

  5. Nikk, I went to pick up Turmeric and Turkey Tail Mushroom for our dog. For some reason, our vet "prescribed" those for our new puppy who has skin problems. I never did find the fungi.

    It definitely is a hippie store. I felt the need to shower after going in, and no, I didn't jerk off in there.

  6. Food blog! Food blog! Food blog!

    The Godless Gourmet? Hmm... maybe someday.

  7. "The Godless Gourmet? Hmm... maybe someday."

    Ooh... will it have recipes for fresh-roasted babies? And cute, fuzzy animals?

  8. I should just make it a restaurant.

    "Now seating: Donner, party of 6... oh wait, make that 5."

  9. "Also during this time, my wife and I were waiting for Sears to call us and let us know when a lawnmower we ordered could be picked up. "

    I'm sorry man. You didn't buy a Crafstman did you? Craftsman makes great hand tools and power tools, but as far as lawnmowers are concerned, it's hit or miss. Stick with name brands like Toro, John Deere or Cub Cadet if you want something that will run for more than a couple years.

    (Sorry Sears, but you need to get your act together. The consumer has spoken.)


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