Friday, August 6, 2010

Which Ten?

I have only a few grievances with American Christians, but none are as frivolous as their fight to display the ten commandments. There’s really not much at stake, and I feel those who oppose the erection of ten commandment displays in public buildings have a rock-solid argument backed by a constitutional amendment (the first one, no less).

But I’ll play Christian’s advocate for a second and pretend the first amendment does not explicitly deny the government the right to encourage the establishment of a particular religion. Which ten commandments shall we use?

The fact is, America’s single largest denomination of Christians does not agree with the others on how to number the commandments. Catholics split the “covet” commandment, separating wife from objects. In turn, lines such as “I am the Lord your God,” “You shall have no other gods before me,” and “You shall not make engraved images” are all combined to be the first commandment.

So, which 10 will it be? And will the heavily Catholic Supreme Court uphold the rights of Protestants to push their version of things on not only non-Christians, but Catholics?


  1. @ RealityZone - Sorry, I just a creepy Casa Nostra vibe off that comment. Like, "Nice blog you have here. Be a shame if anything... happened to it."

    @ Ginx - "...I feel those who oppose the erection of ten commandment displays in public buildings have a rock-solid argument..."

    I'm generally opposed to erections in public buildings, too. Or was the double-entendre accidental? {g} Possibly my mind's just in the gutter today. I think I need more sleep...

  2. MM:
    Actually I put him on my blog roll. And I hit his follow button.
    Some of us actually mean what we say. :-)

  3. MM: While it's very hard, I can't take credit for that boner.

    And RealityZone doesn't hurt people, but you know... sometimes people get hurt.

  4. No one got hurt here, move along. Mangan's says only a couple a darkies got hurt, which is lucky, cause sometimes people do get hurt, ya know.

    Ginx, would you have a problem going on "vacation" with Cork to take care of some business? I promise you'll come back, really, don't worry about it.

    Oh, and nice blog you've got here.


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