Monday, August 9, 2010

Picture Puzzle #6

I just really had the urge to dress up some animals tonight!


  1. The horse of course knows the object of your devotion. The quotient being made known unto the devouring truth of subsequent realism. As a gift he perpetuates the unthinkable.

  2. When a hero (symbolized by the white horse) stops the state from putting black boxes that record data in our cars (the car replaced the horse, our "gift" of freedom of travel and independence, as the horse once was) the government will go try to stop the white horse by putting a target on it (the red bow has an obvious double meaning here, both indicating the gift the horse is to us all, and the red of the target that makes it easier for government agents to pursue it).

    Good job, Ginx! Finally you've seen the libertarian light!

    Common phrase: "Steal that black box!"


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