Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pithy News 8/29/10

Glenn Beck estimated 3-400,000 attendees at his rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Compared to the 87,000 calculated by experts, this is Beck’s most accurate observation ever.

Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine possession. In related news, bears shit in the woods.

The last combat troops left Iraq this last week, leaving just 50,000 for “administrative duties.” The Iraq War is officially over, like racism…

The “Ground Zero Mosque” shares funding with Fox News. After hearing this, I’m thinking… maybe they shouldn’t build it.


  1. Clever writing, in my opinion, Ginx. Very funny!

  2. DM, YOU are going to DIE!!!

    Please delete this comment after DM has had a chance to read it. Thank you.

    The Avenging Angel

  3. you die today, jakkson....

  4. Atheists unite!!

    Check out my blog,
    much along the same lines


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