Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Discussion: Mermaids

If real, should mermaids be considered mammals? Could you marry one?


  1. Your dumbest discussion yet! What's the point? I must have missed a Fox News story.

  2. Was this question was inspired by the Florida thing, or is it just random?

  3. I read that Manatees were thought to be mermaids at one time. If so, mermaids kind of ugly. Who would want to marry one? I mean, just sex them up and sail away, right?

  4. Well, mac, you know how when you look at old school photos, people look really ugly? I think we're just evolving to be more attractive, so I figure way back in in the middle ages, a manatee would have been gorgeous. I mean honestly, would you have hit on Mona Lisa?

  5. Nik, what about the one where I asked if you had ever been fishing? Or the one about super powers?

    I will see this as a sort of challenge in the future to have even more inane discussions.

    And anonymous, I have no idea what Florida thing you're referring to. Enlighten me or I'll be forced to google it.


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