Friday, May 6, 2011

Discussion: Did Bin Laden Win?

Considering the last 10 years and the state of America today, is it safe to say the terrorists won, and that we let them?


  1. Is that a leading question? ;-)

  2. Nobody won. Define 'winning' (other than what Mr Sheen does).

    Thousands of soldiers died, and even more innocent civilians died.

    Nobody won, but a lot of people died.

    We spent over a trillion dollars on those strategically pointless wars, when we could have just found a cure for cancer for less than that.

  3. I would simplify "win" as "achieved goals." Given that bin Laden's goal was to economically weaken us, I would say he did a good job with a comparatively small budget on his side. Winning, for us, would probably have to be achieving Bush's goal, which was supposedly to end terrorism. I think it's safe to say we didn't win, even by killing bin Laden.

    I guess what I'm asking is, was bin Laden successful? His goal was to cripple us as a nation, and even according to the ludicrous lie pushed by the Bush administration that he "hates our freedoms," he succeeded, as we are crippled and we have lost some of our freedoms.

  4. The irony is that he didn't cripple us economically. We did that to ourselves by spending ourselves into a trillion dollar hole.

    But he didn't win, because he died. Dead people never win.

    I guess everyone dies eventually. In the end we are a planet of losers.

  5. We did spend over a trillion dollrs on useless wars we wouldn't have been in without bin Laden, and more soldiers died in these than in the 9//11 attacks. Also, I would argue that Bush could only have been re-elected given the very special circumstances surrounding 9/11 (I mean come on, he wasn't even elected the first time).

    Dead people win all the time. Jesus won, for example. I think a lot of last laughs echo from beyond the grave, even though they can't possibly know they won. You don't have to be capable of understanding you won in order for your goals to still be achieved (even if you get an assist from your opponent's incompetence).


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