Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Word: Boregasm

Boregasm: the fake climax of a girl with better things to do


  1. When she falls asleep - snoregasm.
    When she fakes it to get someting pretty - uleriorgasm.
    When she falls out of the bed - floorgasm...due to me losing my composure - superiorgasm.

  2. When it's during battle, it's a wargasm.
    When there's blood, it's a goregasm.
    When it's after an hour of sex, it's a soregasm.
    When she can tell another is cuming, it's a moregasm.
    When it's in uncharted territory, it's an exploregasm.

    Why won't my commenting work... hmm...

  3. When she really doesn't feel like it, but cares about you enough to do it - choregasm
    During the ball game - scoregasm

    She charged me - whoregasm !

  4. Well, it works in firefox... good enough.

  5. The Random Commenter5/30/2011 2:06 PM

    If she's loud - roargasm
    If it's one for the ages - loregasm
    On a beach - shoregasm
    If you were hammered - thorgasm

  6. When it's on shrooms, its a sporegasm.

    When it's at a retail outlet, it's a storegasm.

    When it's from anal sex, it's a backdoorgasm.

    When it's one climax after another, after another, after another, it's a fourgasm.

    When it's more than that, it's a galoregasm.

    When you come second, hers is a beforegasm.

    When it's with a lawyer, it's a heretoforegasm.

    When it's with a Marine, it's a Corpsgasm.

    Happy Memorial Day.


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