Friday, May 27, 2011

On Liberal Sensitivity

I have two problems with most liberals. For one, most liberals are pussies. Also, a lot of them will take great offense at the use of the word “pussies,” and will go to great lengths to inform me of why, but they won’t address the fact that they are spineless wimps who only stand up for language Nazism.

I know I have said as such many times before, but I think it bears repeating and is worth a post addressing the problem directly again. The problem is so bad, I literally shy away from interacting with most liberals because I find the whole experience to be a waste of time. I would prefer to talk to people who have thick skin and who understand that language is not some insidious tool of oppression that should be handled gingerly.

Trust me. Comedians have been making jokes about politicians for decades, and yet they get more powerful every day. Language and laughter are not holding anyone back. In fact, everyone who’s ever made it had people laugh at them. It builds character, and growing from the experience might keep one from being a pussy.

Liberals have a legacy of language doctoring that probably can’t be shaken off easily, but it can be done. Remember, eugenics was liberal, Imperialism was liberal… a whole host of bad ideas were liberal (if only by virtue of new ideas not being conservative, by definition).

As a liberal, I think you need to get comfortable with the erroneous past and the inevitable mistakes that will be made in the future when it comes to liberalism as a core ideology. There’s no point in revising history; all you gotta do is admit that mistakes happen, and you have to be willing to work against your own ideas later if they turn out to fail.

As a liberal, you have to question every idea you have, holding nothing sacred, and you must be willing to admit when you are in error. You know, the basic things no conservative will ever do.

One of those mistakes was the politically correct movement. By the time it really took off in the 90’s, language was pretty much not a problem anymore. The PC movement was the culmination movement that pushed for a necessary shift in the way people spoke to each other. The only thing is, the ball really got rolling on “being PC” after the problem it was set to solve had all but completely evaporated.

In the absence of a real dilemma to solve, the liberal PC movement continued the 80’s censorship craze pioneered by Republican values groups. You have Tipper Gore out trying to infantilize the music industry, Columbine blamed on Marilyn Manson, and a general dumbing down of culture to the point that everything is kid friendly, mother approved.

It becomes all about the children. Oh, the poor, innocent children. Mercy me, a three year old just saw Janet Jackson’s tit in between hours of 300 pound men crashing into each other, causing violent head trauma. Most of these poor, innocent children were sucking on one just a few years before, but… Janet’s was pierced! Oh the humanity!

Kids aren’t scarred the way people think. I was born in 1983 and I grew up during all of this, and I can tell you: I still found porn and I still listened to dirty music… most of it awful. And I would have been saved from listening to it if it hadn’t been presented to me as forbidden.

I remember seeing Madonna’s book somewhere and being like “Whoa… something is happening in my pants.” And nothing is more regrettable than the fact that I owned not one, not two, but three Limp Bizkit CDs… and this was even when you could download songs on Napster. How was I smart enough to reject religion around this time, but dumb enough to listen to horrible music??

I think that generation, the one I’m a part of and which is growing up now, won’t stand for the same shit when we’re adults. We may be hindered a little because our model is so distorted, and I fear swinging too far in the opposite direction, but I think we can all agree: this country isn’t free so long as censorship is acceptable in any form.

I consider myself sort of a Family Guy liberal. I don’t find shock humor to be against my morals, and I think the mock outrage over every little thing people say has reached the point where I don’t care who said “nigger” anymore.

I think part of liberalism is tolerance, and that means tolerating not just people who have been oppressed, but also people who say things you find unconventional or offensive. You don’t have to like what someone is saying, but unless they are literally encouraging violence, they have the right to say whatever it is they want.

Even if someone is inciting hostility, I think the appropriate response is public ridicule, not legal action. Call me old fashioned and conservative on this one, but I don’t think it’s the government’s place to tell people what they can or cannot say. What happened to “Don’t make a Federal case out of it?”

The next time someone says something that is incredibly ignorant, instead of causing them to ignore you completely by presenting some reasoned argument with evidence and facts, just tell them to go fuck themselves. They’ll understand that.


  1. That's funny. In my experience, conservatives are far more likely to take offense at a much wider range of messages. Sure, liberals are touchy about language that demeans populations that already have it tough. But conservatives tend to get riled over anything that doesn't fit their own narrow window of acceptability (or reality, which is pretty dang narrow). I grew up in Texas and now live in the Bay Area, so I've got a pretty good taste of what both camps are like, and conservatives are by far the more "sensitive".

    If there is one thing I'd change about liberals in general, it would be to convince them that religious faith is not worthy of respect.

  2. Bitching about political correctness is the new form of political correctness. We get it.

  3. Ash: Don't get me wrong, plenty of conservatives are hypersensitive, but I find plenty who aren't.

    And while I know this isn't what you mean, I hope there are religious liberals... otherwise over 80% of the population would be conservative. What's strange to me is the abundance of atheists on the right.

    alana: That's the spirit! Snarky, dismissive, vintage gliberal. Quite glorious.

  4. Oh dude, you totally had me going till the last paragraph. Then I knew it was Poe. Priceless!

  5. Just tell them to go fuck themselves.

    That just about sums up your entire playbook of argumentation.

  6. Oh dude, you totally had me going till the last paragraph. Then I knew it was Poe. Priceless!

    I'm not sure you're using Poe's Law correctly... though I'm open to an explanation.

    That just about sums up your entire playbook of argumentation.

    There's a big difference between argumentation and aggravation. There's no sense in arguing with certain people, but I can still derive joy in watching them get angry. Fools don't change their minds, but they can get mad.


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