Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday: Queen

I was barely 8 in November of 1991 when Freddie Mercury died. While the facts were fuzzy to me then, it was around the time Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS. These two events culminated in cementing my first impressions of the disease.

At the time, I didn’t know who Freddie Mercury really was, and it wasn’t until Wayne’s World came out a year later that I really appreciated Queen’s music. It was also around this time that I started recognizing “We Are the Champions” being played in every other sports movie and “We Will Rock You” at every sporting event.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity for a religious blog, since how many opportunities will I have to feature someone who had a Zoroastrian funeral?


  1. Man, I loved Freddie Mercury's voice.

    Now, I'll go on a Queen binge. Thanks !

  2. That can be what you're listening to when you drive off into the Grand Canyon. The only question is... which song?

  3. Maybe Hammer To Fall .

    Or, seeing as to how it was going to be the 'pocalypse and all, I think This one might be appropriate.

  4. Sorry for the anon. My profile isn't working for some reason, probably operator error.

    - mac

  5. Naw, comments have not been working all day. Really irritating. I messed with my cookies and tried two different browsers before I figured that out.

  6. Rocks greatest front man backed by an astrophysicist guitar player :)

  7. That must be why the guitar solos are... wait for it... out of this world.

    Nailed it.


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