Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snippet: Chris Christie

How could you even elect someone with a name like “Chris Christie?” I can’t trust someone who was raised by parents who thought that “Christopher Christie” would be a good name. Who has a name like that? Chris Christie has got to be the first person in history to be named after everyone in his family. I heard Sarah Palin is running to his defense, saying that it’s possible he married into it…

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  1. There is a guy in congress who ran for office under the name "Connie Mack". (He's a representative from Florida.) He is the fourth member of his family to use this name, and all four of them were/are really named "Cornelius McGillicuddy". I don't think "Chris Christie" is any more ridiculous than either "Connie Mack" (which sounds like a new product from Kraft involving noodles and sauce) or "Cornelius McGillicuddy". Or running for office under your great-grandfather's nickname -- which sounds like something which should be illegal, really.


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