Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Rule: A Village

If it takes a village to raise a kid, I think you’re parenting wrong.


  1. I don't know ... it takes a village to pass child labor laws, put crosswalks in and enforce them, hire public school teachers, do studies to figure it if it's a bad idea to use lead paint and live under the power lines, etc.

    I suspect your point is more about parents taking responsibility for their own parenting and owning the nurturing of their offspring, their child's behavior, and not expecting someone else to do the heavy lifting, then, yeah, in that sense, I'm with ya.

    1. But it also took a village to put kids to work, build cars to hit playing children (or even the roads to be played in), make lead paint, put up power lines...

      I'll give you public schools, though technically you can educate your kids yourself (though I don't recommend it). One good tutor can produce a world class thinker, though.


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