Friday, April 13, 2012

Stump a Christian #6

Who is a real Christian?


  1. Well, apparently, if you're an ex-Christian, you never were one in the first place. Which raises the question, how do any Christians at all know they are genuine or not?

  2. He or she sould be a hippie, no money, no ID, no car, no church... Just like the Jesus guy... he or she, doens't exist. There is somenthing about the church... Jesus was jew, right... so jews are christians.

  3. Wait, what? Christians really exist?

  4. Miraculous signs & wonders will follow him (or her) who believe, because it's not just persuasive words but a demonstration of power.

  5. That won't "stump" any self-respecting Christian: they'll just give a definition which most closely resembles their own beliefs/actions/theology/etc.

    1. The mere fact that there would then be multiple "answers" isn't a conundrum?

    2. Nick J -
      you are referring to a doctrinal issue of reformed Christians, not Christians generally. It is also a non-essential.

      As to the question, the bible is explicit which tenets are essential.

      -The deity of Jesus
      -God is the only savior
      -Affirmation of a physical bodily resurrection of Jesus
      -Affirmation of the Gospel, i.e. 1 Cor 15

      BTW, still waiting on the interview? Were we still going to do that, I haven't heard from you since we agreed to do it.


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