Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Ten: Sexual Fetishes I Don’t Get, and Don’t Want To

10. Spectrophilia (sex with ghosts)
9. Furries/Yiffing
8. Technosexualism/Mechanophilia (sex with machines, especially cars)
7. Autonepiophilia (deriving pleasure from dressing/acting like an infant)
6. Formicophilia (sexual gratification from having insects crawling on you)
5. Apotemnophilia (arousal from being, becoming, or looking like an amputee)
4. Symorophilia (being turned on by car crashes)
3. Necrophilia
2. Vorarephilia (finding cannibalism erotic, especially being swallowed whole)
1. Zoosadism (sexual pleasure from harming animals)


  1. Do the ghosts look all dead and stuff? I am not sure this one would be so bad, but I need more data.

    The rest of it sounds really horrible. I thought you were going to cite some of the good fetishes, but you didn't. These are just sick.

    1. I blame the Japanese for half of them.

  2. Come on, admit it. You made these up, didn't you?


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