Sunday, March 4, 2012

Discussion: The One True Religion

You have the power to make any religion true and followed by all people (as closely as they can follow it, anyway). Which do you choose? The more specific your answer, the better. You can also choose to make all religions untrue, in which case all people will abandon their religion. However, if you make this choice, you die immediately and no one knows of your sacrifice.


  1. Limited damnation universalism. There is a hell, but it's not eternal, and you pay your unpaid sins/debts. Hell is a purifier. And this heaven has free will.

  2. - I view this as the one whose deeds seem best to follow the teachings of the christ.

    Check it out.

  3. Zen buddhism; it's non-theistic.

  4. The Jim Jones People's Temple cult. The whole human race can then commit mass suicide and rid the planet of itself for good and end this nightmare called human existence.


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