Sunday, March 25, 2012

Using Religious “Logic”

Here are a set of “arguments” using “logic” so mysterious (i.e. nonsensical), they are irrefutable:

If Jesus was real, why does Buddhism exist?

Religious marriages are unnatural and should be illegal. Animals don’t get married in churches.

Churches should have to take down their crosses. How am I supposed to explain to my children that you think they’re going to hell just because they don’t believe what you believe?

I know that your religion is false because every book on atheism says so.

I don’t understand how you can believe in heaven. Doesn’t that make life meaningless and depressingly cruel?

If Jesus healed the sick, why are there still sick people?

Christianity isn’t a religion.


  1. "Christianity isn’t a religion."

    Well said. I always thought it was a joke.

  2. "If Jesus healed the sick, why are there still sick people?"

    That one is my favorite.

  3. Christians don't know right from wrong on their own. Their god has to tell them which is which.

  4. "If Jesus was real, why does Buddhism exist?"

    ....because Jesus was a buddhist?

    1. I'm sorry, are these supposed to make sense?

    2. Not 'supposed' to, but parts of Christianity are plagiarized from Buddhism, according to several experts on Buddhism.

    3. ... and some experts on Christianity. I'm of the opinion the three magi were Buddhists who groomed Jesus into being someone akin to a Lama.


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