Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Word: Randomocracy

Randomocracy: rule by lottery


  1. It would be better than what we've got now (then again, even Bret Alan as dictator for life would be better than what we have now).

    I really think if we have to have a state, we should decide all positions of power by lottery. At least the congress should be chosen by that means, like jury duty only no one could be kicked off by lawyer pond scum.

    1. Athenians did it that way for years, though they excluded women and slaves.

      And I would make a great dictator for life, if only because I don't plan to live all that long.

    2. How long are you planning to live? You don't want to grow old? (if you don't, I understand- growing old has got to suck -it's why we shouldn't bring any new life into this hellhole - although maybe science will solve aging and its related problems, but that will just create its own problems).

    3. Well, if I ruled the world (why settle for just the US?), I could imagine sticking around a few decades, but otherwise, once I have kids and they are out of my house, I'm ready to die.

    4. I just said we shouldn't bring new human lives into the world, and you come back with wanting to make babies?

    5. I'm totally in support of you not having kids. In fact, that would be my preference.

    6. I'm sure it would, but that of course misses my point and the moral argument on creating new lives completely.


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