Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Rule: Pooracracy

Since government only seems to be of the rich, by the rich and for the rich (and it hasn’t really been working out), no one with an income or net worth over the median should be allowed to vote or run for office. If you have money, you have power enough as it is.


  1. Although I was never any good with the language, my classical Greek lexicon suggests that the term would be "spanizocracy".

    (That is, "plutocracy" is formed from "plauto" + "kratos", that is, the verb for "to be wealthy" and the noun for strength. "spanizo" is the verb for "to need or be in want of". There may well be a better term -- I thought of "aporeio", but the primary meaning seems to be something along the lines of "not to know what to do", which is probably not a good choice.)

  2. "Aporeio" may not be a good choice, but it does seem to apply.


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