Friday, March 23, 2012

Snippet: Spending Cuts

I find it interesting that whenever we need to cut government spending, Republicans think only of cutting education, healthcare for women, and aid for poor people and minorities. However, it’s primarily old, rich, white men in Congress, and it’s primarily old, rich, white men who got us into the situation where we spent too much money (usually on wars and hand-outs to other old, rich, white men in business). It’s never old, rich, white men who are made to sacrifice for the errors they caused, and yet these decrepit, economically bloated, pasty-faced fuckheads are constantly telling the rest of us to accept some “responsibility.”


  1. Yes.

    Good shot.

    It's obviously us that need to accept our responsibility for electing these monstrous criminals.

    And we'd better stop pointing fingers at them and start finger pointing at what will correct this situation.

    Love ya,


  2. A large part of this is that a battle was successfully waged to make people think that our entitlement programs are part of the discretionary budget. (That is, things like Social Security are legally uncuttable without default, but we have been fooled into thinking that the annual budget includes them anyway.)

    If you look at the purely discretionary budget, the stuff which actually can be cut and which is passed on a yearly basis, then the military is over half the budget and has been for the last several years. (And that doesn't count the appropriations bills passed after the budget is done, which have raised military spending even further.)


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