Friday, February 24, 2012

Liberalism, to Me

To me, liberalism is not being afraid to try something new, and not being too proud to abandon a failure.

To me, liberalism is regulation we need, and no more, coupled with the freedom we deserve, and no less.

To me, liberalism is the search for balance between what is best for all and what is desired by each.

To me, liberalism is understanding that no society is perfect, and though we love it, ours has room to improve.

To me, liberalism is about considering the needs of everyone, while ignoring the needs of no one.

To me, liberalism is about consulting experts who are known not only for their credentials, but also their results.

To me, liberalism is about ensuring opportunity for all, including those who have tried and failed before.

To me, liberalism is acknowledging we can develop not only through competition, but also with cooperation.

To me, liberalism lends itself to progress in this country by borrowing what has worked for others.

To me, liberalism is knowing we must be weary of government abuse of power, as well as corporate exploitation.

To me, liberalism is seeing that while no two people are alike, all should be treated equally under the law.

To me, liberalism is not a set of specific policies, it is the idea that progress is not only real, it’s possible.


  1. Liberalism to me just means believing in liberty.

    1. Just believing in it? Or do you also need to light a candle in honor of liberty?

  2. Well sure, a mere belief in liberty doesn't go very far. As a liberal, you also have to fight the good fight.


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