Monday, February 6, 2012

Discussion: Pizza

We’re ordering a pizza. Where are we ordering from and what do you want on your half?


  1. I'm making it, and I want venison sausage on my half, with organic mozzarella, and organic tomato sauce. Oh and of course, organic wheat flour. And I don't care about your half, because I already ate it. Sorry.

  2. Organic brown rice flour, not deadly wheat, for the crust. Lots of meat, but no goddamn deer flesh!

    1. What's wrong with deer? Can't stomach eating Bambi?

    2. Bambi was not meant to be a pizza topping.

    3. Bambi is not the one at the top of the food chain, so Bambi doesn't get a say in the matter. When Bambi evolves wings or chameleon camouflage to escape from us, or a large brain and opposable thumbs to hold a weapon, then Bambi can put us in pizza topping, but until then, "Deer, it's what's for dinner," and by placing this strong evolutionary pressure on this species, we are taking part in a long process of natural selection that is ultimately making our prey more fit to survive in the long run. So really, deer should be thanking us. All hail Darwin.


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