Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Atheist Heaven

I must confess, I wonder why
The Christian God lives in the sky.
Up in space, among the stars,
Chilling with the moon and Mars.
I think I’d rather stay down here
Than float up to the puppeteer,
     Not that I’m invited…

I suppose, were it up to me,
I’d rather spend eternity
The same way that I spent my life:
Right next to my loving wife,
And with my cats and with my dogs,
Though I could do without the logs.
     I’m talking about poop.

I might like a bigger home,
And hair I never have to comb,
But if that is too much to ask,
I’ll settle for some bubble wrap.
I do not want my life to end.
Truer words were never penned.
     Atheist heaven is life.

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