Friday, February 17, 2012

Snippet: Marrying Animals

Christians claim that if gay people can get married, then it will pave the way for people marrying animals. I say go for it. I have no problem with people marrying an animal. If you want to marry a goat, go ahead, but please wait until it is a fully mature, adult goat; it’s wrong to marry a kid. Frankly, I’m not even grossed out by the idea of someone marrying an animal. It’s not the wedding that makes me uneasy, it’s the honeymoon. And let’s be honest… it’s not like a ban on marrying an animal is keeping anyone from pre-marital sex with them. At least if a zoophile gets married, they’re only fucking one animal. Wouldn’t that cut down on bestiality? And can anyone explain to me how a non-human can sign a marriage license?


  1. Based on your photo, I thought you and your wife were already an example of human-animal marriage.

    1. We only got married so that her work would cover my vet visits.


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