Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Rule: Organ Donation

If you are not an organ donor, you can’t get an organ transplant.


  1. No, as an organ donor I wouldn't care who received my organs (as long as it's not Bernie Madoff) and I certainly wouldn't care that the person whishes herself to be an organ donor.

    1. It's not really about the wishes of the organ donor, it's about the fact that we have thousands waiting for a transplant and a severe shortage of donors.

      If you don't want to be a donor, you don't have to be. No one is saying you need to take someone else's organ, but you can't expect to get one if you aren't willing to give yours.

    2. Hmmmn. But what about a minor (under age 16) who cannot yet give consent, still at the mercy of parental direction? Should they be denied?
      (P.S. Am an organ donor. You can have it. I won't need it.)

    3. Name: That kind of reminds me, I didn't include it, but I would also make "Organ Donor" the default. You should be born an organ donor, and if you want to opt out, you can... I guess, if you're that selfish.

      As for what you actually presented... on the one hand, yes, we should provide minors in that scenario with organs (in fact, I would even be in favor of requiring the child get a life-saving organ if they need it, even if the surgery would be against their parents' religion). That's the simple, ethical thing to do.

      On the other hand (the more cold-blooded, cynical, angry hand which is tired of stupid people and their children who are raised to be warped, annoying clones of their asshole parents), maybe a few kids dying will convince parents to do the right thing. I hesitate to endorse this concept, though, because plenty of people raised by fools turn out to be normal or even great people. It's not fair to them...

      ... but the situation now isn't fair, and the idea behind this measure is to get people to be organ donors, because no one knows when something might happen to them that will put them in a situation where they can be an organ donor. Not being an organ donor is selfish, reprehensible, and often justified by using archaic ignorance or adherence to empty burial customs. Why are thousands dying in need when millions are letting their life-saving organs rot?

      And while these are grand ideas... it's not some kid's fault their parents are nuts. I would hope anyone in that situation gets the organ they need to live (since that is the spirit of this rule), and that the experience will cause them to make the right choice when they're an adult.

      So... if it seems like I dodged your question, I would have to side with giving the child an organ, maybe even giving them preference over older people, since they are young.

    4. ...born an organ donor...that sets me a bit sideways because it eliminates consent (I'm all about free will) and gives the Government too much control, again, over someone's body. To live or to die, to give or to keep.
      I would agree that children should not suffer the ignorance of elders, that viable organs should be used whenever possible, but also that I have to respect someone who for whatever spiritual reason needs to have their loved one, or self, whole. Even IF that means wasted material.
      Freedom of religion means freedom from religion, in that I might practice whatever my belief system is (not) and they theirs. I get cranky whenever it becomes too slanted in one direction or the other, understand?
      I'm not one of those fearmongering folk afraid of persons being harvested a bit early or the illicit manufacture of not-quite-human...not yet, any way...but REALLY want for advances in cloning and reproduction.
      How freaking cool it will be, the day when we no longer have a shortage of medically needed, because we can make new parts from old.

    5. Bret; it is totally about the wishes of the donor. Even dead you still have legal rights.

    6. So can I demand my organs only be given to an atheist who is also an organ donor?

    7. Why not. Or you could donate them to a pink slime hotdog factory. Whatever floats your boat man.

    8. I'm not cool with people using organ donation to exclude particular kinds of people.


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