Monday, February 27, 2012

Discussion: Drugs & Religion

Should the freedom to legally use drugs be part of a person’s freedom to practice their religion? I only ask because I’ve seen religious people claim that atheism leads to drug use and that atheism is a religion… so doesn’t that mean a ban on drugs is discrimination based on atheist religious views?


  1. What a surprise, an atheist addicted to drugs trying to justify his addiction.

    1. Hey, I can quit huffing paint whenever I want. I just don't have any reason to stop now.

  2. I think it should be included. In fact, I think drugs should be legal for everyone whether you practice the religion or not. If some idiot wants to go out and use meth and heroine, let him (or her. women do drugs too. I'm not sexist). Maybe if it was legal, so many people wouldn't feel the need to do it. I personally am a marijuana person and I see nothing wrong with it so, if I get caught I'll use my non-religion to justify it XD


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