Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Reflection #69

The old enjoy making the young look stupid, perhaps because it’s easy, and it’s one of the few things they can do without the aid of a pill.


  1. I think the old are totally frustrated by the young because the young never listen to them. The young looks to Google for the answer instead of thinking ...

    I had a problem, mentioned it to my mom, she offered a solution, I totally blew her off, then spent two hours on Google only to find out that what my my mom had told me was the absolute correct course of action.

    I would think that'd get old (haha) sometimes ...

    1. The problem is, if we do what the old say... we make the same mistakes they did. It's not that the old don't know what they're doing, it's that they only know their way. Sometimes it's best to just try something new.

      The job of the older generation isn't to dictate, it's to pick up their children when they fall. Instead, what I see, is the older generation either incessantly criticizing or even sabotaging what the young are trying.

      Call me crazy, but I think we can do better than the yuppies.

    2. I say, do what the young do, vote Ron Paul!

    3. Right... the young overwhelming support Obama over Paul.

      What a weird Libertarian fantasy world you live in, Nik.

    4. Let's see, the young overwhelming support the war on drugs and even on medical marijuana (both happening under Obama) they support the wars overseas and Obama's escalation of such (Pakistan is one example) , they support the violation of civil liberties and the 4th amendment that are Obama Administration policy.

      What fantasy world are YOU living in?

      And besides, you of course, as usual, created a strawman to "win" your argument (you really need to get a new playbook), as I never said anything about young people in general, did I?

    5. Not even half of Republicans 18-29 have voted for Paul in the primaries so far. He's the most popular Republican candidate in this age group by double digit figures, but not many young people are Republicans to begin with.

      You said, and I quote: "I say, do what the young do, vote Ron Paul!"

      You didn't qualify the claim in any way, so how am I wrong for assuming you meant young people in general are voting for Ron Paul? How was I supposed to know you really meant:

      "I say, do what the conservative young do, vote Ron Paul!"

      I think I'll just avoid doing what conservatives do, regardless of their age.

  2. The old are afraid of the young. They are past their reproductive prime, and we are the future, and they know it, yet they try to hold on to the reins, which eventually we will grab from them. They may have the wisdom of years of life experience, but also old biases and a fear of change. Worse, as their mental faculties decline, they fail to see ours sharpen.

    1. I think the old suffer from a Saturn Complex, where they feel threatened by us and wish to consume us so that we won't one day usurp them.


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